Forum Title: Putting green seaming
I am putting in a putting green and have 12 ft to seam. Polyurethane backing, laid on decomposed granite base, hot in summer, wet in winter. No local pros are interested in helping with this so I'm on my own. My question: Websites sell the adhesive by the gallon for over $100. Can I use an off the shelf urethane adhesive like Gorilla glue which is available locally in small quantities? Any opinions appreciated, thanks.
Category: Carpet Post By: HAZEL JENSEN (New Britain, CT), 01/08/2019

Im not totally understanding your question? Are you just looking to adhere the seam area of the material? How flat/smooth is the granite base? I will always try to use a recommended adhesive, In these conditions especially. If you are only adhering the seam area and it is a smooth/flat surface then a contact adhesive might be OK.

- CARL PHILLIPS (Springfield, IL), 05/15/2019

The floor is DG so the putting green carpet will be nailed down with spikes, not cemented. I am using a 12 inch wide tape at the seams. The backing is polyurethane and the recommendation is for a polyurethane adhesive. My thought is, since Gorilla glue is polyurethane, does anybody know why it would not work or if it is chemically any different from other polyurethane glues?

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), 04/15/2019

Is htis the manufacturer's installation method, i.e. spikes? I'm not familiar with anything like this. Who makes the product? Can we read the installation directives somewhere (do you have a link)? I would be leery of using something not specifically made for this installation. The engineering behind adhesives is a bit more complex than most would imagine...

- ARLENE STEELE (Tamarac, FL), 03/15/2019

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