Forum Title: softback seperated from the backing at seam
Anyone ever have problems with softback seams glue not soaking through and seperation of softback? I had a job where I had to go back, the seam was good but the softback seperated from the backing, not sure if Iron was too hot or I rushed and didn't let all the glue melt....
Category: Carpet Post By: FERNANDO WARNER (Macon, GA), 01/08/2019

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- EDWARD THOMPSON (Taylorsville, UT), 04/25/2019

Yeah, I've seen this a couple of times in the last year...softbac delaminating. Not at the seam though, and it was visible before installation.

- CASSANDRA SWANSON (Oshkosh, WI), 03/08/2019

aaron, the first sofbac that I installed, I was told to set my iron on 4. I tried 2 1/2 and you could pull the seam apart. 4 worked. So I doubt that yours was too hot. IMHO, that is not a good carpet backing.

- BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 03/05/2019

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