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Someone bought an old school just east of me. Part is being rented out for a church service on Saturdays. May be used more often than that, but probably not much. Then want to buy a short nap commercial carpet and NOT install it. Just want it cut close to the walls and loose layed because they may move at some point and want to take it with them. No pad either, just loose layed. They are doing this mainly for acoustical purposes. Being money is an issue and it's over VCT on a concrete floor, the slab is certainly not warm this time of year because it's not heated........ not much anyway, except on Saturdays. I can seam it together if I can get it to lay flat, but are there any methods to seam it together so it can be taken apart? That double faced carpet tape might be a pain to remove from the tile later. My concern is that if I hot seam it together, later this summer the carpet might loosen up and grow a tiny bit.....except at the seam area. The room is pretty much a rectangle about 27 by 34. No posts to go around. Carpet is 13' 6 wide. Any ideas on a way to do the seam without it becoming a tripping issue? ...or just seam it together and hope for the best?
Category: Carpet Post By: MARIO HOWELL (Terre Haute, IN), 01/19/2019

I would just seam it together. I don't think there will be bubbling issue as it isn't anchored down. If you have koolglide use it. 13'6 goods, who is the manufacturer. Or is it a woven product? Daris

- VANESSA CALDWELL (Fort Myers, FL), 03/23/2019

Not woven goods. Has a decent action back and the nap looks about like the fuzz one of those shake painting pads. Kind of a wild pattern, but nice colors. Not bad stuff to work with.

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Albany, GA), 03/04/2019

Another option would be that real sticky cold seam tape. Rat trap tape I call it. Daris

- DEBRA ADAMS (Independence, MO), 05/20/2019

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