Forum Title: Three kids and wool carpet?
After looking at all of the options, it looks like carpet is our best route for our living room and staircase. I've looked at a variety of different fibres, and wool feels the best to me. I don't really care for the feel of the synthetics I've touched. I've been told that wool will not release stains, and if we get something dark like grape juice or coffee on the carpet, it will be ruined. The youngest of our three children is two years old, so having the ability to remove a stain is a serious consideration for us. Is wool's reputation for not releasing stains justified? If wool isn't a great option - at least not until our youngest is a bit older, does anyone have recommendations for a different fibre that might suit our needs?
Category: Carpet Post By: THEODORE SIMS (Westminster, CO), 01/25/2019

It was my belief that a good wool will clean like your own hair. Dobby is the wool guru here, hopefully we'll get a chime in

- RAY BISHOP (Arlington, TX), 03/20/2019

There is some truth to wool being more stainable but it is for the very same reason it dyes so well! As with all textiles, the quicker you react to a spill, the lower the chance for a stain. If addresses promptly, I have never found wool to be more problematic than synthetics. If left on a carpet until dried, even polypropylene can have issues. The larger issue I see with wool is most cleaners today do not have enough knowledge or experience with proper cleaning and spotting. Wool cannot be cleaned with the high pH cleaners so prevalent today. High alkaline will destroy the fibers. There are also several very good stain repellent products on the market engineered specifically for wool. I will not make a specific product recommendation but I was in a carpet cleaning supply store yesterday and read the labels and product info on a couple of them. In a worst case scenario, wool can be re-dyed very readily to correct virtually any problem that arise with staining. Given the number of reasons why wool is such a superior carpet fiber, I would not let a concern about staining outweigh the benefits.

- Denis Ford (Raleigh, NC), 04/26/2019

I have wool carpet in my house and it has been here for 18 years. It has been easy to clean and I use my carpet harder than most. We have two teenagers and we wear our shoes and eat and drink anywhere we are. It is very cleanable as we have dripped coffee and cleaned it up months later with no problem. We have had it pro-cleaned only once and it still looks great. I recommend getting wool to anyone.

- COREY BARRETT (Santa Clarita, CA), 04/13/2019

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