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I have been reading this forum for a few days. Decided to jump into asking a question or 3 I did some checking on 2 carpet samples one was shaw anso and the other Mohawk smartstrand. Mohawk won the bleach abuse test/staining for me. I can link you the pics if you want. Bleach damage is a problem at my house altho no one seems to know how it happens.... So I started looking into where to buy Mohawk here. One place is Carpetone. Is Lee the same as smartstrand? Mohawk customer service couldn't answer the question....and told me to call Lee. Lee's customer service claims Lee's is Mohawk but not the same as Smartstrand even tho they are both called triexta I think. She also made me think Lee's warrentee doesn't apply for a residence on all of thier triexta products? Which has me confused since Carpetone was trying to sell it to me for a new build and knew it was a residence. So are they the same or not? I read the Lee warrentee and it looks like it is ok for home use! Another place I can buy Smartstrand is a local business, or Carpetland. The local business doesn't seem very informed about their own product. Carpetland gave me a vinyl floor quote that was quite high but then gave me a contractor discount of 25% to bring it back to the same price as the others! I don't know if that will be the case with the carpet. they quoted me Mohawk Brilliant Design quote for 1080 sq feet at $6.39 is $7412 or $4749 with the discount that's installed with a superstep E pad. Anyway if you have any thoughts on carpetlands pricing and this discount thing LMK. But back to original question... If Lee's is indeed smartstrand then the Lee carpet warrente looks like a better warrente than Mohawk's. This is where it gets confusing since it looks like Mohawk owns Lee and both types of carpet are made with Dupont stuff in them. Which begs another question- it looks like previous posts state warrentee's are not always honored with various manufactors, so if Lee or Mohawk does better on this LMK too. I'm just kinda confused....
Category: Carpet Post By: CHARLENE NORRIS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), 01/12/2019

Sorry you haven't received a reply from some of our pros yet. Maybe you confused them with your txtspk. I'm pretty sure some of our retailer pros sell Smartstrand, so I hope they will let us all know if it's the same or similar to the Lee's product. I hope you get some of your answers here. Be patient. And welcome to TFP. Jim

- MAUREEN BENSON (Pharr, TX), 04/17/2019

OHHH......LMK......let me know! I am so dense. Sorry. Not my area of expertise. I will wait for the answer with you, though.

- JESSICA LEWIS (Jacksonville, FL), 04/28/2019

I'll take the first stab. Bleach will create more problems than just color loss if left on carpet for extended periods. You may experience fiber degradation as well as delamination of the backings over time. Your assessment is correct that Triexta (a fiber in the polyester family) will resist color loss better than Anso (a nylon fiber). This is due to the dyestuffs used on the fiber than any inherent resistance to bleach. A solution dyed nylon (actually a pigmentation process) will not suffer color loss from bleach. Mohawk Industries is a Fortune 500 company that owns several carpet mills, i.e. Mohawk, Karastan, Bigelow and Lees are mills that have been around for years, Karastan being the newest of the group and started in the early 1920s. The others go back to the mid 1800s. Mohawk acquired Bigelow and Karastan almost 20 years ago and Lees over 10 years back. The carpet industry went through a huge consolidation process starting in the early 90s where nearly 400 mills became closer to 50 over a 10-15 years period. We now have 4 mega mills and the rest are niche or boutique manufacturers. So to sum up, any Lees warranty is ultimately backed by Mohawk Industries. I do not sell carpet so I have no basis to comment on the pricing you received, but if you are looking at flooring stores and they seem uninformed about the products they carry, I would deem that to be a great big red flag! I'm not sure I understand the contractor discount either. Are you a general contractor discussing other projects with them or do they always quote high and manufacture a discount for every job? I have never used that type of pricing model before and the effectiveness of it eludes me... Warranties are what they are. A legal obligation by the seller to the buyer that most manufacturers of all products will try to avoid honoring. I personally believe the carpet industry has more issues with this as we generally do not do a very good job of creating reasonable expectations for performance particularly if it might cost a sale to be upfront. It is compounded by a general lack of stringency in installation methodology which gives manufacturers an all too easy out on honoring warranty claims (I'm probably going to catch holy heck for these statements...). I do have one question: how do you perform your bleach abuse/staining test?

- TIM HOLLAND (Wilmington, DE), 05/03/2019

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